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12 Guides for Emotional Wellbeing 

We understand that wanting to practise an emotional well lifestyle might not be as clear as we want them to be. With constant changing factors all around us, it is only natural to feel a little lost and overwhelmed trying to do it all.

To make your journey a little easier, we have framed a basic pointers that could guide you to get started. 

Disclaimer: These are not professional advice or customised steps. These are mere guidelines to help you, in case you would like to have someplace to start off from. 

Do feel free to customise them and change them as seen fit to your comfort.

Lets, get started with some 1, 2, 3's of Emotional Wellbeing. 


We would like you to have them in your own comfort and space. Hence, feel free to download the pdf and use it as a poster or a wallpaper, as you wish. 

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