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Meet The Team

Our greatest strength is our dynamic team that works behind every edition. We have a floating member of teams who has made sure that each edition of Out of Syllabus stays relevant and amazing. 

Here is our big shout-out to all the people behind the pages.

Do also follow their accounts to see their other works. 

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Amod Noel J

  • Instagram

Explorer. Film Maker. Lover of Life.

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Ambika Pandey

  • Instagram

MBBS Student. Pet Lover. Movie Buff. 


Suneha Sunil

  • Instagram

Student. Writer.

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Juthika Sane

  • Instagram

Industrial designer. Illustrator.Scientist

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Oji Story

  • Instagram

Design Strategist. Educator. Artist. Well-being Enthusiast


Tom Antony

  • Instagram

Animation film maker. Concept artist. Lazy.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-07 at 10.34.47 AM3.jpeg

Manvi Pant

  • Instagram

Writer, Storyteller and Founder of Real Life Heroes - by Manvi

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Prabhu G

  • Instagram

Graphic Designer. Lazy bum. Chelsea fan.


Hashin Jithu

  • Instagram

Campaign Director.BFox Creative Pvt Ltd.

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-30 at 1.12.02 PM.jpeg


  • Instagram

Educator. Sustainable agriculturist.
Amateur voice artist

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-31 at 12.13.28 PM (1).jpeg

Ameen Ali Shanavas

  • Instagram

Visual Storyteller. Animation Film Maker. Craftsman. Optimist. Homosapien!


Dr.Bhavna Uba

  • Instagram

Counselling Psychologist

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-20 at 7.04.25 PM.jpeg

Arnold Raj

  • Instagram

Animation Film Maker. I love Cricket



  • Instagram

Arti and Vithika

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-31 at 6.08.56 PM7777777777777.jpeg

Shreya Thaker

  • Instagram

Student, marketing professional 


Alendev R Vishnu

  • Instagram

sporadic polydactyl


Harinad P M 

  • Instagram

Arjun Manoj 

  • Instagram

Industrial Designer specialized in Product Design. 


Arjun Krishnan


Justin Samuel

  • Instagram


Want to be part of the team?

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