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If you are wondering who is behind this magazine, here’s a little bit about us. 

The Out of Syllabus Magazine is the brainchild of Tanya Prasad, an NID product design graduate, who focuses on the education system and emotional well-being within it. What began as a college project, took life and became real in a moment of realisation when she woke up and went ‘why don’t we start a magazine for teens!’. And Tiara Prasad, a graduate in education from TISS with a background in Sociology, resonated, ‘WHY DON’T WE START A MAGAZINE FOR TEENS!’. 

It was a blessing and a complete coincidence that we both were interested in the same field and with complementary expertise. Tanya Prasad, a designer who focuses on the education system and emotional wellbeing and Tiara Prasad, a graduate in education, who focuses on the process of design thinking as a way of learning. And so like cup and saucer, we fit and we put whatever we had learnt so far to give shape to what you now enjoy reading as a Quarterly Magazine - Out Of Syllabus Magazine. 

We want to reach out to students, give them a sense of belonging, a sense of confidence in what they go through and at the same time make them aware of not just the things around them but within them as well. We believe that any growth happens from understanding oneself - our body, our emotions, and feelings and then our surroundings. 

Out of Syllabus, as an organization has many other aspirations and project concepts in plan. As of now, our magazine is our priority creative and inception work. We call upon our experience as students and that of others to create every issue of this magazine through the eyes of diverse lives.

Tanya & Tiara

Out of Syllabus Foundation

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