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All personal details shared for the purpose of the order would be kept confidential and would not be shared with any third party. 
The contact details would not be used to send spam messages of any kind.

-Shipping only within India
-Additional Shipping charges of 7 rupees applied for every edition for a year.
-GST Included.
-Every transaction has an additional handling tax of 4% tax, which is the principal charge for the payment gateway, which has been included to your amount.

-Refunds would be issued and credited within 5-7 working bank days 
-Cancellations issued within 5 days would be completely refunded in effect with the current issue, while those beyond 5 days lead to the cancellation of the subscription from the next issue. 

-Issue of a new subscription would be in effect from the latest edition of the magazine. 
-One subscription would include 4 copies of the magazine. 
-The contents in the magazine are copyrighted to the Out of Syllabus Foundation and any replication in physical or digital form is prohibited.


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