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Design Module for State Syllabus School, Kerala, in collaboration with IIID, Kerala Regional Chapter and Terrafirm.


The Learning Clap Project, developed by Out of Syllabus Foundation in collaboration with IIID, Kerala Regional Chapter, and supported by Terrafirm developed a Design Thinking Module for MIUP Government School, Veliyathunadu, Kerala, aiming to bring out the fun in learning through an interactive learning-by-doing approach.

The objective of the Learning Clap project was to develop a hands-on Curriculum for a Design Module to be introduced for classes 6th, 7th, 8th standard in addition to their existing subjects. The curriculum focused on the extraction of major topics from their existing syllabi in other subjects and designing a year-long curriculum to bring about holistic learning with a practical understanding of their theory subjects.


The major key points kept in mind while the designing of the module were:

  • Ease of implementation - keeping in mind the infrastructural support and cultural aspect.

  • Ease of replication in other schools.

  • Seamless and smooth transition between their existing subject topics and the design module.

  • Avoiding any additional burden on the faculties handling the courses. 


At the end of the project, the following deliverables were designed and handed over:

1. Teacher's Handbook

      a. Weekly Module Breakup

      b. Work Flow for each session

      c. Evaluation and Activity sheets 

2. Student's Manual

     a. Design Thinking Poster-The Learning Clap

     b. Students Self-Evaluation Sheets

     c. Activity Sheets

3. Teachers Training Module

Additional Information on the projects cannot be shared due to NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT. 

Feel free to contact us to know more about the project and its process. 


A Design Thinking Module created for MIUP Government School, Veliyathunadu, Kerala. 

Supported with creative lab, The Da-Vinci Spot, by IIID, Kerala Regional Chapter.

Team: Tiara Prasad, Arjun Krishnan, Tanya Prasad

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