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The Idea


The Magazine, ‘Out of Syllabus’, is an initiative to provide  the teenagers across different areas a common platform to publish, contribute, and  share their voices, stories and journeys. The age being one of the most crucial age in our development, is filled with explorations, curiosities and questions. 

Out of Syllabus aims to do address topics as indicated by the title-those that might not be necessarily be addressed in the syllabus of our academic system. The Magazine would aim to cover a variety of topics and areas, have interviews by experts, answer questions raised by the teenagers by professional psychologist, and increase the career vocabulary around all fields among other columns. 

Truthful, raw, flawed, beautiful personal stories to share and build mutual trust among each other and in the process, create a mentally healthier generation. 


September 2019

Tanya Prasad 
M.Des Graduation Project on 'Emotional Health Education' from NID, Ahmedabad under the guidance of Dr. Gayatri Menon.

Out of Syllabus Magazine starts Print editions. Wuhoo!!

Tiara Prasad

Completed Masters in Education from TISS, Hyderabad.

COVID’19 Pandemic! Everything is reconsidered :(

Out of Syllabus starts Digital Magazine... Lets see how it goes..

Lets the journey begin...

The journey so far...

June 2019

August 2019

December 2019

October 2019

Out of Syllabus Foundation officially registered together! 

August 2019


What to know more about the Research behind Out of Syllabus?

The logo

The Colored Scribble

The Colorful Scribble symbolizes the Logo for Mental Health for Adolescents. The logo is an initiative to create a unique identity to draw light to the importance of Awareness about Mental Health for Adolescents. The Identity stands to unite all support for the cause. The identity had to be drawn from the daily lives of a teenager and be able to be replicated by everyone.Lively, Colorful, Messy, yet with a definite identity of its own, Each element of the logo stands for the following : 



Come together.


The shapes of all kind using the scribbled color lines imply coming together and weaving into each other to create a collective environment for all to share and grow.



Every one is unique 

The inclusion of different colors signify inclusion of differences of all personalities, types and journeys.


Imperfection is OK too.

Scribble signifies breaking away from the idea of Perfection. The Scribble celebrates mistakes and flaws too.

While we work with an immediate scope in mind, we also have an overall idea of the larger picture that we strive to achieve through our actions. SDG's(Sustainable Development Goals) by the UN is the guiding framework that helps Out of Syllabus aim, measure, and tracks its impact measurement. 

We love the concept of the ripple effect and believe that we too are, in our capacity, creating our own small ripples that may eventually spread out to reach larger goals and impacts. 

Our Ripple model of the SDGs gives a better picture of how we aim to connect and tackle issues with larger effects. With a primary goal in mind, we aim to reach the secondary and tertiary SDGs mapped in our Ripple Impact Model.


Ripple Impact Model

Let's spread the ripples far and wide.​


We Believe...

At Out of Syllabus, we have a few core beliefs that we strive to achieve in all our works.

We believe in designing around life to make it a little more relatable to us - the imperfect, clumsy, flawed, lovely people that we are.


Imperfections are beautiful too..

We would love to celebrate the imperfections that make you unique. 

Imperfections might at times be beautiful too. So trust yourself, be forgiving and don't beat yourself up too hard.


Find your Rhythm.

Everyone has their own pace and space for getting their best work done. Take time and figure out what works for you. Find your light to shine on.


Enjoy and have fun.

We hope you  have fun and enjoy the things that you do. 

Won't you agree that satisfaction is a huge part of the reward too?

Enjoy and have fun.


Mistakes are totally ok.

So what if you made a mistake? Mistakes are our way of learning. You don't need to hide them. Feel free to accept your mistakes and learn from them. There is no better teacher than experience.


How you feel matters! 

How you feel about things are just as important as every aspect of your life. We would love you to listen to your feeling and have an active relation with them. 

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